"The tiniest story in your life can deeply touch another. You cannot know the effect your story might have until you share it with others."












Who We Are

     Deborah’s Legacy Inc. was named with a twofold meaning.  Based on the biblical Deborah, that within all women there is a warrior.  And as a remembrance of Deborah Bockus(pictured below), who died at the age of 53. Her potential was untapped as she lived with addiction to alcohol, drugs and prostitution.


Allison Fanning-Huebner

    Jill Vaughn

    Stephanie Miller
    House Manager

    Tina Vanarsdall
Clerical/Fundraising Coordinator

    Legacy Board Members:
Lisa Barkley
    Lou Cox-Fornander
    Shelly Deardoff
    Bruce Dodson
    Sherri Dodson
Kala Long
Darrel Ragland
Val Ragland
Amanda Speichert